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Terrier Dogs – Types & How to Look After Terriers

Types of Terrier Dogs How to Look After Terriers

About Terriers – Ten Types of Terrier Dog Breeds

Apart from the Dachshund, most Terriers originated from Great Britain and the name derives from the Latin ‘terra’ meaning earth. Little is known of them before 1560 when a renowned British writer Dr John Caius described them as “snappy and quarrelsome little dogs”. At that time there were only short legged Terriers used for going to ground by putting them down foxes and badger holes. These dogs had rough coats, erect ears and a sprightly temperament.

No other working dog was a more efficient killing machine than these little terriers. They were bred to be tough, tenacious and totally fearless and these attributes remain today which probably explains why terriers are better at overcoming serious illness than any other breed.

types of terrier breeds

Terrier Breed Background Information

The terrier story is not for the faint hearted as in the 19th century, short legged terriers were carried in saddlebags and would accompany foxhounds when hunting. When the hounds had cornered the fox, they would be released to inflict the last moments. They were competent in keeping farm buildings free of vermin and were also used in dog fighting sports. The bull baiting terriers were originally large mastiff type dogs, but were inter bred with terriers to increase aggression.

Terrier Dog Temperaments & Behaviour

The types of Terrier dogs and today’s terrier breeds are still high spirited, feisty, bold dogs and often have little tolerance for other animals including other dogs. However, they are popular breeds and do make good pets, although probably not for a family dog with young children. They are unique playful characters, make great watchdogs and are loyal defenders of their realm. However, they do require an owner with determination to match the terrier personality.

ten terrier dog breeds

Looking After Terriers & Grooming

With the exception of the Dachshund and Bull Terrier breeds who have smooth short haired coats, most terriers have wiry coats that require to be hand stripped to maintain the characteristic appearance. This video shows how to hand strip and although it may look a little harsh, it is not painful at all for the dog.

The short coated terrier needs little grooming and a quick brush with a bristle brush is probably all that is needed.

Terriers are notorious diggers and chewers. Make sure they have plenty of hard wearing toys or your furniture may suffer! Ideal toys to keep them mentally stimulated as well are the activity toys you can stuff with food. Other toys on the market are those that use recycled water bottles to create fun and interesting noise.

Some terriers and in particular the Bull Terrier, can be prone to bed sores, so their bed needs to be soft and supportive. A well padded dog bed with supporting sides would be ideal or a memory foam dog mattress, if your dog favours stretching out.

how to look after terriers

List of Terrier Dog Breeds

There are many but some of the popular Terrier breeds are:

  1. Airedale Terrier – Tough, hardy and faithful, but stubborn
  2. Lakeland Terrier – Fearless, nimble and single minded. Needs a patient owner.
  3. Border Terrier – uncomplicated and genuine terrier little altered from its original form. Amenable personality, a good family dog. Assertive handling needed.
  4. Yorkshire Terrier – Very popular breed, lots of energy and thinks it’s a giant. Can be tenacious and stubborn.
  5. Irish Terrier- mainly now a companion dog, but could be put through field trials and lure coursing. Elegant and a good family dog although can be boisterous.
  6. Norfolk Terrier – Good natured, robust companion dog. A good guard dog who is happy in either town or countryside.
  7. Norwich Terrier – One of the smaller breeds, bossy and believes in its own importance. A good family companion and would get on with older children. Easier to train than most terriers and loves rigorous exercise.
  8. Cairn Terrier – small in size, fairly easy to train than most terriers. Equally at home in town or country. Good companion dog.
  9. West Highland White – One of the most popular breeds. Excitable and loves attention and needs regular exercise.
  10. Bedlington Terrier – Very distinctive breed. Needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation or could be destructive

For more information on types of Terrier dogs or how to look after Terriers a helpful guide can be found here.We are always willing to help in choosing your next dog, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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