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Dog Mattress Beds

Quality Dog Mattress Beds, Comfortable Dog Pillow Bed Cushions

There are so many different types and styles of dog beds available, it’s difficult to decide which one is the best for your pooch. Whatever sleeping style your dog has, you may need a mattress bed style or dog pillow beds for different uses indoors, outdoors and also when travelling or camping.

Choosing Best Dog Mattress Bed and Pet Pillow Beds

Many pets including working dogs are always in and out of the car or 4X4 therefore a large waterproof dog mattress or pillow bed in the boot would be just the job. Waterproof bed mattresses are tough and durable and easily washed down. Our best selling boot bed is the Danish Design Boot Bed. It is waterproof and gives extra comfort with padded cushion sides and a drop down removable sheet to protect your vehicle from paw scratches. We use one ourselves so can fully recommend this product!

Which Dog Mattress Bed Should I Choose?

A roll-up large travel dog mattresses are great for gun dogs or the country pet to take on camping trips. Easy to roll up and carry, they can also be used in the car boot.

If your dog spends a lot of time outside it will need a bed to snuggle down on which will give really good support and protection from the ground. A really good investment would be a memory foam dog mattress beds which has a waterproof cover to give durability and is tough and long lasting. There are similar style dog bed pillows available without memory foam such as the Dog Doza, Waterproof Cushion which is ideal for use in crates, kennels, outdoor runs or just for snoozing on the patio.

For large breeds or a pooch that tends to sleep stretched out on its side, a mattress bed or pillow bed cushions is probably the best choice. There many designs to choose from to compliment all home decors. Some have memory foam crumb to provide optimum sleep support.

Or maybe a super soft sherpa fleece dog pillow to snuggle into at the end of a busy day chasing ball. Sherpa fleece or more traditional design pillows are also available to use in plastic beds which are great for dogs that chew up fluffy beds.

There is a dog bed to suit all occasions.


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