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Waterproof Dog Jackets

Not all our dogs are built for the cold wet weather and they need quality waterproof dog jackets. Unfortunately, the UK also gets a lot of rain! With that in mind you may think about getting your dog a weatherproof coat or waterproof dog jacket for extra protection during the autumn and wet winter months.

Best Waterproof Dog Jackets, Quality Weatherproof Raincoats


Buying Correct Weatherproof Raincoats

Buying the right size waterproof dog jacket, can be difficult as sizes vary with different manufacturers. The best rule is to measure from back of the neck to the base of the tail, around the neck and around the chest. It is best to choose a dog jacket or pet raincoat that has a Velcro strap around the chest which is adjustable.

Why does my dog need a waterproof jacket or raincoat?

Regardless of the weather, your pooch still needs exercise all year round. If you are properly equipped you can have great fun walking out with your pup in the rainy wet winter months. If you need a raincoat, your dog probably needs a weatherproof jacket too! Take a look at our range, there is bound to be one to suit your dog to keep him super snug on those frosty cold weather mornings.

Some dog breeds that are doubled coated such as Malamute, Husky and German Shepherd are dogs that are able to withstand the colder weather and not likely to need a coat. However, many breeds that have thin, single coats such as the Whippet and Greyhound may be grateful for a weatherproof  jacket to give some extra padding to keep warm and still enjoy their walks. For more information on selecting the correct dog raincoat please see our guide on choosing the correct dog coat.

If your dog is a regular at the groomers and has a clipped coat all year round, he may appreciate a waterproof jacket to keep out the cold and rain and to keep looking dapper.

If your pooch has recently undergone veterinary treatment, or is elderly it may be more sensitive to changes in temperature. Even if your pup has long hair, the smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas, Shih Tzu and toy dogs are not so well equipped to cope with the colder weather. It really is a necessity to provide extra insulation for them to keep out the shivers.

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