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Best Dog Chew Toys

Railings, window sills, houseplants, leashes, legs of chairs and tables: your puppy is going through the annoying period of teething and chews everything within its reach? How to survive this puppy teething phase without house furniture and your shoes becoming your friend’s favorite target? Teething toys is the solution.

Puppy Teething Dog Chew Toys

Best Beco Dog Bone ToyBest Beco Dog Bone Toy

Paws Plus One has a range of the best puppy teething toys including safe effective and resistant rubber dog toys suitable for chewing dogs of all breeds and sizes. This includes animal dog toys and bone dog chew toys ideal for teething puppies.

We have specially designed chew toys for dogs to channel your puppy’s need to chew on more appropriate objects. The hard rubber or soft leather they are made of is natural and resistant, so it will last longer than normal dog toys. They should be soft enough to chew with no risk to the dogs teeth. They should also be strong enough so they do not break easily into small pieces.

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Dogs start teething on average between 12 and 14 weeks of puppyhood, during which a much larger adult teeth will push out the small baby teeth of your pet. With this evolutionary puppy phase you will have to face a lot of new challenges. Chew toys are ideal to help distract and train your puppy. The key to helping your dog get through this phase of chewing is to provide the right amount of distraction.

Many dog owners give soft teddy bear toys to their dogs but, unfortunately, most of the time they are not safe. Your dog can easily tore them apart and swallow them and this can be harmful.

Before your puppy starts its teething stage stuffed animals dog toys offer great ways to cuddle at night. They also provide a companion for the puppy once taken from the litter. However once settled into its new home and surroundings, it’s better to replace them with puppy teething toys and chew toys for dogs.

The puppy teething toys will allow your dog to alleviate the discomfort he is feeling. Some of the types of puppy teething toys are suitable to be filled with rewards (nibbles). These snacks can stimulate its curiosity and distract it from other objects in the house. One can use them also for training, which makes them an essential tool if you wish to teach good manners and house train your puppy.

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