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Waterproof Washable Dog Beds

Do you have a working dog or a high energy dog that loves mud, swimming and non-stop action? The solution is a tough waterproof, washable dog bed. Most dog beds are washable, but do they last? The answer the dogs that loves life is a durable, easy to clean, waterproof dog mattress or outdoor dog bed.  Paws Plus One is selecting a quality range of the best washable and outdoor dog beds.

Washable Dog Beds, Easy Clean Mattresses, Outdoor Dog Beds

The Danish Design County dog bed range offers practicality with tough waterproof fabric. Available as a cage mattress or for extra comfort, a deep filled duvet mattress.

For outdoor dogs, some may prefer to have a raised bed. These are lightweight, weather resistant with a waterproof fabric which can be hosed down. Easily dismantled to make them ideal for camping breaks. Just add a waterproof mattress on top and you have an ideal outdoor dog bed.

Buying Washable Waterproof Pet Beds

The car has not been forgotten. Wet and muddy dogs get straight into the car so the Danish Design Car Boot Bed is just the answer. It is a tough durable large washable dog bed. Customers can enjoy this bed both indoors and outside. Our car boot bed is our dog’s favourite sleeping space, so we took ours on holiday! It doubled up as a car bed and with a quick brush and wipe down, an indoor bed.

Whatever your dog gets up to, make sure you have an easy clean, washable, tough dog bed that will last! More washable dog bed products coming soon, so keep a look out.

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