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Waterproof Washable Dog Beds

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Paws Plus One provides a quality range of the best washable and outdoor dog beds. Do you have a working dog or a high energy dog that loves mud, swimming and non-stop action? The solution is a tough waterproof washable dog bed.  Most dog beds are washable, but do they last? The answer the dogs that loves life is a durable, easy to clean, waterproof dog mattress or outdoor dog bed.  Shop our range easy to wash dog beds online all with free UK delivery over £60.

Buying Washable Waterproof Pet Beds

Whatever your dog gets up to, make sure you have an easy clean, washable, tough dog bed that will last! The Danish Design County dog bed range offers practicality with tough waterproof fabric. Available as a cage mattress or for extra comfort, a deep filled duvet mattress. The car has not been forgotten. Wet and muddy dogs get straight into the car so the Danish Design Car Boot Bed is just the answer. It is a tough durable large washable dog bed. Customers can enjoy this bed both indoors and outside.

How to choose the correct washable dog bed for my Pet?

Waterproof dog mats and washable beds is a dog owners must for those wet muddy months. When choosing it is important to consider the size of your dog, their weight and how your pup likes to curl up and sleep. If you require help choosing the right bed for your pooch please see our helpful guide on how to choose the correct washable dog bed

Are you considering a raised or outdoor dog bed?

If you are considering a raised a dog bed they are ideal for keeping your pup off the cold floor and helps them to stay warm and dry, retaining their body heat, when outside. Older dogs can often have conditions like arthritis and raised dog beds can be great for helping arthritic dogs.

For outdoor dogs, some may prefer an outdoor raised bed. These are lightweight, weather resistant with a waterproof fabric which can be hosed down. Easily dismantled to make them ideal for camping breaks. Just add a waterproof mattress on top and you have an ideal outdoor dog bed.  All our raised pet dog beds have a reinforced frame able to hold the weight of any pet.

Do you need small or large washable dog bed?

Our pets love to curl up when sleeping therefore the size of dog bed is important for comfortable a sleep. At Paws Plus One we offer a range of high quality large dog beds and provide beds in a selection of sizes to suit your pet and dog breed.

All our large waterproof dog beds are easy to keep clean and come with keep clean instructions. We always happy to help with any questions in the best ways to wash your large pet beds, for more information on choosing a larger washable dog bed please see our guide on top tips to choosing big canine beds.

Why buy a washable dog bed for your pets at home?

We all love that feeling of getting in a clean bed and so do our pets! One of the easiest ways to keep your dogs bed clean is to wash it as regular as you like, washing your pets bed often will help to eliminate dog odours around the house. It is advised to wash your pups bed at least every two weeks and more often in the wetter winter months.

All our washable beds are water resistant and machine washable. Whether you have outdoor dog beds or an indoor bed all our beds can me hosed down of used in the machine to keep them clean and smelling fresh. If you require more information on the benefits of keeping your pets bed clean please see our guide on taking care of your dogs bed.

Our car boot bed is our dog’s favourite sleeping space, so we took ours on holiday! It doubled up as a car bed and with a quick brush and wipe down, an indoor bed.

More washable dog bed products coming soon, so keep a look out.

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