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Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory Foam Dog Beds, Orthopedic Pet Bed Mattresses.

Orthopedic or memory foam dog mattress may cost more than the usual pet bed, but it is money well spent. A foam dog bed gives tremendous health benefits and comfort for any dog, not just an older pet. If you require help on choosing the best dog bed for your pup you may find our guide helpful on how to choose dog bedding. 



Choosing Memory Foam Dog Mattress

Your best friend’s joints take a pounding daily with chasing after balls, running and jumping and generally just being a dog. Quite often owners do not notice their dog developing joint problems until they start slowing down, or finding it difficult to get up the stairs or jump into the car. Providing a supportive memory foam dog bed can help prolong joint health from the start. Larger dogs can be more prone to develop joint problems as they get older. There are also certain large breeds such as Newfoundlands, Rottweilers and Bernese Mountain Dogs who can develop breed specific joint diseases. These larger canines may require a large memory foam dog bed.

What are Foam Dog Beds or Orthopedic Pet Bed Benefits?

All dogs can suffer muscular and skeletal ailments as they age, just like humans. Arthritis and hip dysplasia is very common in older pets. An orthopaedic memory foam bed will help relieve pressure on joints and give them a supportive and comfortable resting place.

Tests have found that memory foam is the only bed manufacturing product that can give maximum pressure relief for aching joints, muscle support and the highest comfort level for your pooch. It is also a really good bed to aid post- operative recovery.

What Memory Foam Dog Bed Features should I look for?

What to look for? A good orthopedic memory foam bed needs to be constructed similar to a human mattress. It should ideally have at least 3 or 4 inches of high density foam. Memory foam beds can come in a variety of shapes. Take note of how your dog sleeps. If your fur-baby pooch likes to stretch out and sleep on its side, a rectangle mattress type bed, may be the best shape. If they like to curl up and use the bed sides as cushions, a traditional round or oval nest shape bed may be more appropriate.

Paws Plus One has a great range of memory foam beds for sale

At Paws Plus One we strive to bring you high quality dog bed products in a variety of sizes and materials. All our memory foam dog beds have been trialed and tested for quality. We have small and large foam beds suitable for all pet breads. In the form of slab memory foam and also memory foam crumb. Our best seller and absolute favourite is the Dog Dozer Slab Memory Foam Orthopaedic dog bed which is made to last and will offer maximum support and is also temperature and pressure sensitive, hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. Your best friend is worth it.


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