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What is the best dog bed – Choosing Beds

What is the best dog bed

What makes the best dog bed for dogs?

There may be a clue in how your dog likes to sleep.  Dogs can sleep in the strangest of places and positions and observing how they settle for their zzzz’s is the best way to help decide on the best bed.

Have you noticed your dog circling before he lies down to sleep and scratching at his bed or blanket? Charles Darwin said this behaviour in domestic dogs was a perfect example of vestigial behaviour. Which is an inherited action that persists even after it has become useless or irrelevant!  Wolves and wild dogs, still to this day, will bed down in the same way which serves to flatten out sticks and leaves and also rid the ‘bed’ of any bugs and unwanted sleeping companions. As they say, old habits die hard!

A dog that is settling down for sleep will often circle and curl up, which suggests that this dog would love a nest bed. These have high sides for support and a padded comfortable cushion middle.

How dogs sleep – Choosing Correct Beds

Dog’s can however lie and sleep in the most strange positions and many like to lie on their backs undignified with legs in the air – which seems to be a typical pose for a Spaniel or Jack Russell

Larger dogs may feel happier to lounge on their sides, legs stretched out.  A mattress or large cushioned mat may be the best choice for this type of sleeper.  Mattresses can be fully sprung just like your own, memory foam, or softly padded..  This type of bed will allow them to stretch out comfortably.  Older dogs may be better suited to a memory foam bed which is supportive but soft for arthritic joints

What is the best dog bed


Dogs do love sleeping off the floor, so a raised dog bed would be a good idea for those who are always on the sofa!  Raised beds are easy to clean and waterproof. They are especially good for working dogs who live outside to keep them off the cold and damp floor.  A bed from our washable dog bed range would be a perfect choice for any pet that regularly gets muddy and needs an outdoor bed.

If you what a more stylish dog bed, there are many bespoke wooden handmade quality bed options.  Paws Plus One is proud to be able to offer a luxury handmade dog bed compatible with dog mattress which will look good in your home and last for years.

Paws Plus One has a good selection of dog beds to suit all sleeping positions.  If you are interested in any of our beds, or require assistance in choosing the correct bed please contact us.

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