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Best Long Haired Dog Grooming Tips

long haired dog grooming

Grooming long haired dogs

Some dogs enjoy being brushed and groomed, other’s not so much. So it’s a good idea to introduce grooming and bathing as early as possible to get your dog used to being touched and to understand that the process is a positive one and can be enjoyable. If you have or are thinking about getting a long haired dog, be aware that they do need time spent on grooming daily to keep their coats matt and tangle free. Regular grooming helps to remove dead hair and to distribute natural oils through the coat to keep it healthy.

grooming long haired dogs

Top tips for long haired dog grooming

· Before starting a grooming session, be well prepared and have a dog towel and grooming brushes and combs to hand.

· Brush your dog daily with a pin brush to keep matted hair and knots at bay.

· Use a slicker brush for the thicker and longer hair around the rump.

· Use a wide tooth comb to work through mats and tangles. If you have to cut out a matted clump, take extra care and pinch the fur as close to your dog’s skin as you can to prevent cutting the skin. If very badly matted, it is advisable to consult your vet practice or a professional groomer.

· Don’t forget the hair on the feet and between the claws. This can get long and will prevent traction from the pad. Regularly trim the hair and also take this opportunity to clip the claws. Consult your vet practice or professional groomer if you find this difficult to do.

long haired dog grooming

Top dog bathing tips

· It is not necessary to bath your dog too often as this strips the coat of natural oils. However, they do need freshening up now and again!

· When bathing, use a good quality natural anti-tangle shampoo with a conditioner.

· Always work from top down, aiming the water downward and working the shampoo through from top to bottom.

· Gently massage the hair with your fingers to help release dirt and other bits picked up in the long hair.

· Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly. You may prefer to use a separate moisturising conditioner at this point.

· Have a dog drying towel handy! A good idea is to purchase a dog drying robe to put on your dog after bathing to keep him warm and to dry off surplus moisture. Drying Robes are usually made from good quality absorbent towelling to quickly dry off your dog. A dog Drying Coat or Drying Robe is particularly useful if you show your dog regularly at competitions.

. Let them rest on their beds. You should choose luxury dog beds for your dogs.

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