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9 Best Dog Groomers Tips – Home Grooming

best dog grooming tips retriever

Top Tips for home Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog is a great way to bond and when started early in puppy hood, it helps to get your dog used to being touched and brushed. Some dogs do not take to it very well so regular brushing and touching of ears, paws and tail will help make visits to the vets and grooming parlour easier and more enjoyable for both of you.

Dogs do not like to be dirty. During the winter months it can get very muddy and coats tangled and knotted, so it is very important to maintain good grooming habits to keep them looking and feeling great.

best dog grooming tips

Useful tips to know about pet grooming

· Baby powder is a great product to help comb out tangles. Sprinkled on your dogs tangled coat before you comb through. It really helps to comb out tangles!

· Flea combs are great for using on small dogs with long hair on their face!

· Always use a good quality natural shampoo with a conditioner. Never use a human shampoo as these are too acidic. A dog has a more alkaline skin so the wrong pH level shampoo could damage their skin mantle and expose them to bacteria.

· Always brush your dog’s coat before shampooing.

· Use a good quality dog drying towel to reduce the need for hair dryers and dogs shaking and drip drying everywhere! Dog robes are a great idea to quickly dry off and keep your dog warm after bathing.

· A dog’s skin is more sensitive than human skin and can be easily irritated. If your dog experiences any dryness and/or irritation which is causing scratching and distress, it is best to consult your vet for advice.

best grooming dog tips

· Make sure you use the appropriate brush and comb for your dog’s coat. There are three types of basic brushes :

  1. Bristle brush which can be used on most coat types, but probably most favoured for short haired dogs.
  2. Pin brush for medium to long hair and curly coated dogs.
  3. Slicker brushes which have thin wire bristles are best for tangles and matted hair
  4. Luxury dog beds which givesmaximum comfort

· Take your time and be gentle. Grooming should be a pleasant bonding experience.

· Grooming products make great gifts for a dog owner. A personalised dog drying towel or dog drying robe would be gratefully received at Christmas or a dog’s birthday or gotcha day!

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