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Magnetic Dog Mat Joint Problems

The Harpley Magnetic dog bed/mat is made from the superior quality, close knit, thick and warm thermal Warmwick knitted fabric, with rare earth Neodymium magnets for magnetic therapy whilst sleeping. Cosy and comfortable to use in dog beds or directly on the floor. Older dogs or dogs with injury may benefit from the use of the magnetic mat.



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Harpley equestrian magnetic dog mat

Magnets have been used for pain treatment for centuries and in recent years therapy for dogs using magnets has gained a large following among pet and dog owners. It is seen as a safe and simple method of treating various disorders often producing positive results without side effects and extra expense. Evidence suggests magnets particularly help arthritic dog conditions. Medical studies have also found that a magnetic dog mat may also improve fracture healing as the use of magnetic fields increases the adherence of calcium ions to the blood clot formed at the site of the break. This allows good formation of the callus that is necessary for fractures to heal properly.

Magnets work by:

  •  increasing endorphins
  • increasing blood flow
  • relaxing muscles
  • speed up fluid exchanges by improving capillary action
  • flushing away the pain’s chemistry (acid) from the pain site

In canine medical treatments, magnets are often used in the treatment of other ailments such as hip dysplasia, osteochondritis, epilepsy, vertebral disorders and many other conditions. However, magnets should not be used in acute infectious conditions or cancer treatments. If in doubt, always consult your veterinary practice.

The Harpley magnetic dog mat therapy product uses the very best Baron, Ferrite and the rare earth metal Neodymium. This alloy is formulated to hold its full strength for up to 15 years. The high strength Neodymium magnets have a magnetic strength of 2000 gauss. This high strength means that the magnetic field will penetrate up to 6”/15cm

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