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Latest Trends in Designer Dog Beds for Sale

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Designer Dog Beds for Sale – what to look out for and the latest dog bed trends

Our pets are a family. After all, it’s been said that more and more young couples are getting a dog over having children. This latest trend is obvious when you look up dog beds for sale. You don’t just see some oversized pillows you throw on the floor, but some very interesting accommodations for our four-legged friends. Let’s take a look at some of the more designer dog beds that are on the market and how they can not only improve your dog’s sleep but also their health.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

When you begin the journey of looking at dog beds for sale, you’ll soon notice the word orthopaedic being thrown around. But does that mean the same thing that it does for people? The answer is, absolutely yes!

Dog beds have been designed with your pooch’s comfort in mind. This means better posture when they sleep, with support in all the right areas. These dog beds are not only more comfortable for your dog but also provide a healthier sleep. Just like humans, dogs will get aches and pains from lying wrong or having their heads hang off the bed, even though they still do it all the time. An orthopedic dog bed can help with existing joint pain as well as prevent joint problems in the future. Think about it: when you have a supportive mattress, you feel better, so why wouldn’t that be the same for a dog?

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Heated Dog Beds

Carrying on with our journey of looking at the latest designer trends in dog beds for sale, you will notice the heated dog beds. These beds are perfect for those drafty areas or for older dogs. They are also good for dogs that have less fur such as a Chinese Crested Dog. Again, these are not only more comfortable for some dogs, but they also provide the dog with health benefits. If you have an older dog with aching muscles, a heated bed may be just what the vet orders. This will help their muscles relax and help them get a better sleep. Furthermore, the bed can help soothe the pain after surgery or injury.

To further improve your dog’s health, you could look at a heated orthopaedic bed, which would give them the best of both worlds.

 Easy to Clean Beds

Again, back in the day, we would purchase a dog bed and not think twice about it. It would be a pillow-type product that you would throw on the floor and think that at least it’s more comfortable than the floor. However, you might have noticed many of those dog beds would be thrown out after only a few months.

Now, they have easy-to-clean dog beds and dog beds that don’t absorb the odour. Sure, you could throw the dog bed in the wash, but you’d probably still have a smell. Through the invention of designer fabrics, the dog beds of today are less smelly. They can then last quite a long time and because of this, there isn’t a need to throw them out as often.

Furthermore, even if you don’t want to go top-end with an odour-free dog bed, you could look at getting one that has a removable over. These covers allow you to easily clean the dog bed surface. Many of these beds are made with materials that don’t absorb the odour as the pillow-like beds of the past. This means that the smells are only on the surface level. This allowing you to properly clean them of that musty dog smell.

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Dog Bed Mattress Types & Extenders

Yes! Everyone is treating their dogs like family, and it shows with the latest trend of dog bed mattress extenders. While our ancestors shared their bed and slept in all kinds of contortions to keep their dogs happy, today, we are much more sophisticated and have dog bed mattress extenders. These are devices that will extend your mattress so that your dog can sleep in bed with you, but everyone still has enough room. Pretty cool, huh?

In the dynamic landscape of designer dog beds for sale, it’s clear that our pets are taking centre stage as cherished family members. The latest trends in dog bed design are mostly about style and comfort. They also prioritize the well-being of our four-legged friends, from orthopaedic beds that promote better sleep and joint health to heated options that provide warmth and relaxation. They are designed to be easier to clean and combat the dog’s natural odours. We would expect to see continued improvements over the years as modern technology refines the way these beds are made and used. Our cherished pets deserve only the best, and as you can see from the various improvements, the manufacturers of these dog beds agree.

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