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Can You Wash a Smelly Large Dog Bed in the Washing Machine?

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How to Wash Smelly Large Dog Beds in the Washing Machine At Home – Top Tips!

Usually, we know when it is time to wash the dog’s bed. It has this odour that you simply cannot get away from, not to mention it makes the dog smell bad, too. No matter how much you wash the dog, if their bed is in need of a good cleaning, then you’re simply never going to win that battle. Luckily, there is hope. Sure, you could simply purchase a new one, but your dog probably has that one completely, just the way they like it, so why not give it a go to clean it up and give them a fresh, clean bed that they will love?

Washable dog beds are very popular, as getting your dog a bed can be a bit of an investment. But how? What should you do to go about washing the dog’s bed? That question and more is what we are about to explore to determine how you can wash a smelly large dog bed.  By the way, yes, it is very possible.  

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Remove Loose Debris

Washable dog beds can be a safe haven for many germs and bacteria.  When not washed properly, it could lead to skin issues and other health problems.  This all can be prevented with a simple cleaning. But washing a large dog bed will, indeed, take some effort on your part. To start, you need to first get rid of any large dirt and debris. This can be done with a simple shaking outdoors.  You could also use a lint roller or dog hair remover to get as much of the dog hair and dander off the bed as possible. Or you could try using a vacuum cleaner to get the larger debris off. A wet/dry vac is probably best for this.  It will help loosen the dirt and save your washing machine from collecting it. 

Spot Clean Stains

Large washable dog beds are very common.  However, there is a process that you should take to ensure that you are doing your best by way of the dog’s bed and your washing machine.  

Once you have all the large debris removed with a vacuum or shaking, the next step is to examine it for any stains.  There are a few ways you can go about removing stains.  There are pet stain removers on the market that work quite well. Simply use as directed.  Most of the time, you’ll need to spray them on and let them sit for a bit before scrubbing and wiping clean.  

Another way to clean washable dog beds is to make your own at-home cleaning solution.  Peroxide mixed with some warm water is one of these solutions.  This works great for dog odors and organic stains from pets.  

Whatever you use to try to pull the stains out of your large dog bed, be sure that you use something that is safe for your pet and do a good thorough rinsing.

Finally…The Actual Washing of Washable Dog Bed

Once you have all the large debris and cleaned the spots and stains, it’s time to actually wash the dog bed. Some large washable dog beds will have a removable cover.  If the cover is removable for your large dog bed, go ahead and remove the cover.  This will allow you to better clean the cover in the washing machine. 

If you don’t have a removable cover, you will need to wash the large dog bed as it is.  

There are a couple of ways to go about this. If you have a large enough washing machine, you could put it through the washing machine.  Many of us don’t have that large of a washing machine in our homes, but you could go to the laundry mat, where the machines are larger and able to handle the large size of washable dog beds.

Another way to go about washing a large dog bed is in the bathtub.  Draw some warm water in the tub, submerge the bed into the water, and swish it around.  Be sure that you take the time to squeeze the water in and out of the fibers to get the bed good and clean. You’ll have to repeat these steps several times with clean water to thoroughly get the dirt out.  Although messy, if you don’t have a large enough washing machine, this technique works great.

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How Often to Wash a Large Dog Bed

The dog bed will need to be washed at least once a month.  However, if you have a dog that doesn’t get regular baths, this could be more often.  When you start to notice the dog’s bed having a smelly odour, it’s time to do some cleaning.  While most dogs are washable, you may encounter a waterproof dog bed on occasion.  In that case, simply take off the cover and throw it in the wash.  Then, wipe down the insert the best you can before putting the cover back on. It’s really quite simple.  

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