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How to Choose Dog Bedding To Keep Dogs Warm

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Choosing Best Dog Bedding In Cold Months

Finding the right dog bed for your pampered pooch can prove to be a challenge. That’s why we decided to create a guide to choosing luxury dog bedding in cold months. Dogs, just like people, are affected by the cold, especially as they get older. This guide will focus mainly on what would work better for the winter months and when it’s cold outside. We will look at ways to keep your dog warm and things you should look for in luxury dog beds. 

Start with the Location of the Dog’s Bed

When deciding on the best dog bed for the winter months, you should first start on location. Some dogs will reside indoors with their owners, while others will be outdoor pets. This will be the first determining factor in your decision of what dog bedding is best for your four-legged friend.  

Indoor dog bedding will need less insulation and won’t be exposed to the elements as much. Even if the dog has its own dog house, many outdoor dogs are outdoors more, getting covered in snow and rain. This can easily be tracked into their bed, which means they will need a more durable bed that is water-resistant or waterproof. You’ll also want to invest in a dog bed that has ample insulation for your outdoor dog. Meanwhile, the indoor dog will most likely have a heat source, making this less important. 

How to Keep Dogs Warm in Winter

Another thing you should look for is quality materials in dogs’ bedding. Luxury dog beds should be considered an investment. They are something that your dog will use on a daily basis and should be durable enough to withstand the use. Dog bedding is made from a variety of materials. Some will be waterproof, which is perfect for cooler months as you don’t want the bedding to remain damp, which can be cold. These beds don’t hold moisture that is brought in from being out in the elements, which can be carried inside by any dog. These beds usually have a washable cover and are still very comfortable. They are made of revolutionary materials that aren’t just something that feels like a plastic bag.  

You also could opt for water resistant dog bedding. These dog beds are not as waterproof but resist soaking up liquids that can be tracked on fur and paws. These are best for both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Additional Things to Consider When Choosing Dog Bedding

During the cold months, you’ll not want your dog’s bedding on the cold floors, as the cold from the floors can wick up into the bed. Having a barrier will allow the dog bed to remain warm throughout the day and night. This layer could be straw or hay, or even woodchips would do for the outdoor setting. However, inside, you probably don’t want the mess, so a rug or a towel should be laid on the floor below the dog’s bed for the best comfortable dog sleep in winter. This will add a layer of insulation for the luxury dog bed. Furthermore, when you are shopping for luxury dog beds for sale, you’ll also want to possibly shop for a dog blanket as well. This will ensure they have something to snuggle up with when there’s a cold breeze in the winter months.  

The Age of Your Dog Matters

Besides being an indoor dog or outdoors, the age of your dog matters as well. The older dogs have a harder time staying warm in the winter months, as with people. You will want to ensure that you provide ample insulation for your dog in outdoor settings. However, be mindful of where you place the bed for those living indoors. You don’t want to place it in line with a door that opens to the outdoors, for example. 

Older dogs may also need orthopedic dog beds. These beds are made to help with aching joints and provide the right amount of support for your dog. Many of them are up off the floor, which will keep your dog warmer in the cold months, as it won’t be directly on the cold floor. Of course, insulating under the bed is always an option.

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Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog for the Winter Months

As you can see, when shopping for luxury dog beds for sale, you’ll find that there are many luxurious things to take into consideration. While there are many features you should consider, you also need to ensure that you get the right size bed for your dog. A bed that is too large can create cold spots. Also a bed that is too small can also be a problem, as they won’t fit comfortably. Be sure to keep your dog’s size and hygiene in mind. 

Whether you decide on luxury dog bedding for your outdoor or indoor dog, be sure that you take the time to fully understand all aspects to keep them warm.

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