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Exploring Elevated and Raised Luxury Dog Beds

Elevated Raised Dog Beds – The benefits On Your Dogs Health

We all love our pets, and lately, there certainly has been a craze for luxury dog items due to the increase in pet ownership, as well as many people caring for their dog as if it were a child. However, did you know there are many different types of dog beds out there? When you start shopping for luxury dog bed sales, you may start to notice you are not limited by choices. You can choose from all sorts of options, features, and styles, including raised or elevated dog beds for sale.

Elevated dog beds have a variety of pros. They help keep your dog cool in the summer, as there can be a nice breeze below the bed. This is especially true if your flooring is carpeted. They can also keep your dog warm in the winter since having a dog bed on, say, a tile surface can really add a chill to the bed. They are perfect for keeping your pet up and off the ground, so they work well for outdoor opportunities such as having a dog bed on the porch. With the raised features, you don’t have to worry about the bed getting soaked by a puddle that formed on the porch floor.

Raised Dog Beds are Better for the Dog’s Health

Because they are raised, many times you can put on a removable cover with ease. This makes them easy to clean. The removable covers can simply be taken off and washed in the laundry.

We all want what is best for our dogs, which is probably why you were looking to learn more about luxury dog bed sales in the first place. These beds are raised up, similar to our beds. When they are off the floor, they can provide better orthopaedic support. This means that they will be more comfortable for the dog. Have you ever gotten up from a long night of slumber feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? That’s probably because you had a supportive bed. The same goes for our dog. With the right support, they will get the rest they need in order to have much more energy. Not to mention they will have fewer back and joint issues, which could lead to fewer vet bills!

elevated luxury dog beds

Types of Elevated Dog Beds

As you may have guessed, there are several types of elevated dog beds for sale on the market. These range from small beds to very large pieces of furniture and everything in between. These luxury dog beds are made to fit just about any decor and have various heights and sizes to fit the different dogs. Finding the right type for your dog will be a challenge. You’ll need to first determine how big your dog bed should be.

There are all kinds of different suggestions out there, but the smallest should be 6-12″ wider than the widest point on your dog. This will allow them to be able to not only curl up and sleep but also stretch out. When looking at dog bedding sales, be sure that you are looking for the right size for your dog. Obviously, if you have a very tall dog, they can handle a taller bed than a little one. While little ones can jump up. This can be hard on their joints. If you get a taller bed for a short dog, you might want to look at getting a ramp or step so they don’t have to jump as far.

Elevated Dog Beds Help Prevent Health Issues

We’ve talked a little bit about this, but elevated dog beds do help with health issues. As long as you provide a step or ramp to get up into the taller ones. They allow your dog to not have to shrink to the floor, which can be easier on taller and older dogs. Instead of trying to get down to the ground level, they can easily sit on the bed, as we humans do with our beds. This makes them perfect for older dogs!

elevated dog beds for healthy dogs

Luxury Raised Dog Beds and Robot Vacuums

If you have a robot vacuum, you’ll quickly love a raised dog bed. The dog bed and hair can continue to be cleaned underneath and around it, keeping the area cleaner than if it were on the floor. Those looking for luxury dog beds quite often have these types of vacuums, so it was worth mentioning.

But, the best kind of elevated dog bedding is the kind that is easy to wash. Waterproof dog beds can be some of the best investments, as you will not have to worry about moisture getting into the fibres of the beds. Most of the time, these beds also have a cover that you can easily remove and wash, keeping the dog’s bed free of dirt, dander, and pet hair that can certainly accumulate.

When you are looking for dog beds for sale, be sure to look into raised luxury dog beds. As you can see, there are many benefits to having your dog’s bed raised and up off the ground. Dog bed sales are up this year, and we think you can see why. We all love our dogs and certainly want what is best for them.

We all want our pets to have the best health,  find more information on this here.


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