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Dog Balls Toy by Beco
Dog Balls Toy by Beco

Dog Balls Toy by Beco


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The Beco Ball is suitable for all breeds of dog. It has been carefully designed to be the most healthy, safe and ethical toy, made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres. The Beco ball is also non-toxic, so you can be sure your dog is not chewing on any nasties.  Natural rubber is also very strong which makes it just the job for tough play. It has a lovely vanilla scent too which does not fade!

The ball is designed for you to fill with favourite treats and the wobbly shape makes it roll and bounce randomly while your dog plays and chases it around.

Available in three colours, green pink and blue and two sizes small and large.


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Dog Balls By Beco Review

This great dog ball toy has been tried and tested and it makes for hours of fun. It is also useful to distract dog’s that may often chew furniture or suffer from separation anxiety. It has been tried and tested by our in house product tester Ted and have found it particularly useful to keep him entertained when having to pop out for a short time. Some dog’s that can become bored can often become destructive in the home, this is a great tool to keep a puppy or eager dog entertained, it could also become part of a leaving the house routine for anxious dog’s. This indestructible dog ball is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for dog balls online.

For any further support on choosing the best toys for your dog or toy’s that can help separation anxiety please contact us we woud be happy to hear from you on [email protected]


Green, Pink, Blue


Small, Medium, Large


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